My Name is Frank Carrasco. I have been recently elected the president of our dart league. Before I was elected I was just a regular member just like you. In that time I have heard all sorts of complaints about trophies, stats, and league finances. We have a new website now with updated stats, so there is one problem solved. We are a small league now of less than 60 members. Things are not like they used to be when we were 300 and they will not be again from the looks of things. The fact of the matter is that we are low on finances because we are a small league. You figure that 50 members comes out to about $1500. Trophies come out to the same. Nothing left. We also get bar sponsorship fees per team as well which comes about out to the same. Well we have a state team every year which comes out to about a grand. We also host an Old Pueblo Tornament each year, from which a grand is needed to start. Most of the time we only break even at that tournament. There are storage fees, PO Box fees, website fees, etc... So I don't want any more complaints from the league about finances. Us as a board: Frank Carrasco, Anissa Burns, Cris Froman, Uschi Bowman, Ashley Monka, Mike Nubert, and Smiley Miranda have been doing fundraisers to try and help bring in more money for the league. Thus far we have hosted 4 fundraisers that were advertised via Facebook, website, flyers, anbd word of mouth. So far only the board and a few other members have been participating. I want to thank all of those who have helped out. I want to say shame on those who haven't especially the complainers. If you want to see this league stay, then I suggest that you other members start participating. Even if you just donate a couple of bucks when you can. Everything helps. If we keep going the way we are then we are going to have to eliminate things like State Team, Old Pueblo, or even trophies. Think about it. I love to play darts. I have been a member for 15 years now. I do not want to see it go away. I would hope that you wouldn't either. Thank You!!!!!!